The Explanation of CamMask Main Window

Here is the layout of the CamMask Main window and below is the brief introduction.

CamMask Main Window Layout

A - Effects Categories Panel

It's convenient for user choose the effect she/he needs

  • Distortions: including kinds of face distortion effects, such as distorting-mirror effect.
  • Filters: kinds of image filter effects, such as Emboss, dynamic vague, old film and so on.
  • Face Substitution: many celebrities' head portrait for your choice.
  • Background: this category contains various kinds of background replacement effects, such as news studio, Learn more.
  • Scene: contains various scene effects, with which one could be in a scene like Times Square, undersea world, World Cup game, etc.
  • Borders: includes all kinds of photo frame effects, like lovers' frame, which add more warm and sweet feeling for video chatting.
  • Accessories: with the face tracking technic inside CamMask, add different funny accessories on your face in video chatting screen, such as new hairstyle, mask, hat, glasses, mustache, etc. All of these could move, zoom or rotate along with your face.
  • Emotions: exaggerated emotion effects, want to display the exaggerated expression of anger, surprise, disappointment, happiness, here is what you need.
  • Particles: unique particle effect, the dreaming particle effect system make the picture much more amazing, the effect contains fireworks, flames, stars, smog and more others.
  • Animations: includes various little animation effects, add energy and funs for the video picture.
  • Funny Objects: here are the other interesting objects.
  • Date & Time: display the current date, also allow customize the fonts, colors, background colors, date formats and so on, Learn more.
  • Text Over Video: display the text on video screen, learn more.
  • Doodle: enjoy your imagination, doodle when video chat with your friends, show your talent, Learn more.

B - Video Source Panel

Allows the user chose different media as the Webcam pictures

C - Effect Options Panel /Parameters Setting Panel

D - Selected Effects Panel

Selected Effects Panel

This panel arrange the currently used special in display level sequence.

  • Click the show/hide  button in the top to show/hide all the effects.
  • Click the remove  button button in the top to remove all the effects.
  • Click the up/down button button in the top, you can up/down move the selected effect, the output level will be changed accordingly.(Note, the Background replacement effect is special, so it must display at first layer).
  • Click the  beside the item to show/hide this effect.
  • Click the remove button button beside the item to remove this effect.

Beside, when one item in the list has been chosen, Effect Options/Parameters Setting Multi-function Panel will switch to corresponding panels automatically. This is convenient for users to set corresponding option.


E - Live Video and PIP

  • Click  Live Video button, it will pause/recover the webcam output. When it pause, the screen of Video Chat application will be "Frozen", until the user click the button to recover the output of webcam.
  • Select the  Double-window PIP button button, run the double-window PIP mode. In this mode, there is a small window in the main window. You can distribute an independent video source for the small window. You can also drag the edge of small window to change the location and size of the small window.
  • Select  2x2 PIP button button, the 2x2 PIP mode will open. In this mode, the main window will be divided into 2x2 small window, you can distribute four different video sources for them.
  • Select  No PIP button button, the PIP mode will closed

F - Toolbar Buttons

  • Click  Rec button button, the CamMask starts to record, click again it will stop. You can check the records in "Snapshot & Recordings" window.
  • Click Take snapshot Buttonbutton to take photo for the current picture, you can check them in "Snapshot & Recordings" window.
  • Click  open "Snapshot & Recordings" window button to open "Snapshot & Recordings" window, please refer to the introduction of "Snapshot & Recordings".
  • Click open "Image Settings" window button button to open "Image Settings" window, Learn more.
  • Sometimes, because of the changing of environment light or moving of user's face, the facial recognition is not accurate. The user could press recognize face again button to recognize face again to obtain desired effect.

G - Main Preview Window

All the added effects will present in the Main Preview Window. The Date & Time effect, Text effect and most effects allow the user drug to change the location in the Main Preview Window. The doodle is operated in this window, too.

H - Using "Viewport Manager" Window

Please refer to the introduction of "Viewport Manager" window.