Using the Image Gallery Panel of CamMask.

Click "Image Gallery" in Sources list, CamMask will show the Video Gallery Panel.

Video Source Panel(Image Gallery)

  • Click Add Buttonbutton and select the image gallery you want to use in CamMask. These photos will be in the Image Gallery list. Click one then you can display it.
  • Groups list help you organize the images. There is only one Group for Free Edition, while in Pro Edition you can create several Groups, which let you organize your images more conveniently
  • Play Control ButtonsPlay control button, which is used to play, pause, play the previous or following image.
  • Image TransitionTransition list is used to change the transition effect when switch images. There are three transition effect in Free Edition. The Pro Edition provides more than 20 kinds of transition effects, the user also can select the Random or None option.
  • sequence of playingThis group of buttons decide the sequence of playing, respectively are Normal, Loop and Shuffle.
  • Delay box is used to set the delay time when switch image automatically.