How to download and install new effect for CamMask

If you would like to download and add a new effect from the CamMask website, follow these instructions:

Open the CamMask web page Open the preferred category of effects, choose the effect and click the Download link.
Save the file on your hard disk (all CamMask effects are saved in the CMV format). The effect will be saved as an .cmv file.

Click the"Install New Effect" Buttonbutton in Effect Select Panel, the CamMask will pop up "Install New Effect" dialog box.

"Install New Effect" dialog

  • Click "Browse" button, select the .CMV files downloaded from our Effect Library, can click "OK" button.
  • You can also chose an image file(GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP), select effect category, and enter the Effect Name as well as Author Name, then press "OK" to finish the operation.