CamMask Free Edition Feature Overview

  • CamMask simulates Webcam - Normally, when one Webcam device has been contacted by an application, it has been occupied. That means you cannot use this Webcam in another application unless you quit from the application who occupied the webcam. Now, the CamMask can resolve this problem by simulating the Webcam, which allows you use virtual webcam in several application.
  • Add Special Effects on Video Screen - We have large video special effect library (a part of them available in Pro edition), you can download them in accordance with your favor.
  • Multiple Video Sources - CamMask support several video sources, including Video capture device, photo gallery, video, Real-time desktop, still image.
  • Image Setting - The brightness, contrast, tone, RGB Intensity, horizontal/vertical flip, left/right rotation, grayscale screen, resolution, frame rate can be adjusted.
  • Snapshot/Video Recording - You can capture the screen or record a piece of video, which would be used as video sources or shared in SNS.
  • PIP Function  - Output two or more video sources in one screen.
  • Preset Viewports - Create multiple Preset viewports, you can switch at any time..

CamMask Pro Feature Overview

CamMask Pro provide some more functions than free edition:

  • Remove the CamMask Watermark in the video screen.
  • More powerful and interesting special effects for your downloading.
  • Allow create several groups for Photo gallery and video gallery.
  • Six preset viewports
  • Up to 20 kinds of elegant transition special effects for photo gallery and preset viewports.