Using the Doodle Panel of CamMask.

Click the “Doodle” button, CamMask will show the Doodle Panel.

Doodle Panel
CamMask provides four kinds of doodle tools:

  • Brush: you can directly use the mouse to draw in the video window. The Size bar decide the bush’s size while the Edge bar can control the diffusion of the bush’s edge, and the Shape choice box decide the shape of brush, circle or square.
  • Fill: it is used to fill closed areas.
  • Stamp: CamMask provides various built-in Stamp tools, you can chose one and add it into the video. The size and diffusion of edge are decided by Size and Edge bar. The Group choice box provide pre-installed stamp groups.
  • Eraser: counter to the brush, Eraser can erase the doodle. Size, Edge and Shape bar has similar function with what in Brush mode.
  • Color Picker is used to set the color of the drawing except the Eraser tool.
  • The preview effect is available by checking the Sample Panel.
  • "Save as Effect" button allow you save the current doodle as an effect.
  • "Save as Picture" button allow you save the current doodle as an image file, PNG format is highly recommended.
  • "Clear" button can clean all the current doodles.