Using Viewport Manager window to create several webcam preset viewport.


Click the  button in the left side of "Source" list to open "Viewport Manager" window. If it is the first time for you to use this function, you will see the window like below.

 "Viewport Manager" window

As you see, the CamMask will create a default viewport, another five is currently blank. If you want to create new viewport, just click "Add Video Source" button in the blank viewport

Here is an example to create a new image gallery viewport:

Now, we successfully create a new image gallery viewport, you can create up to six viewports, like below.

Move the mouse cursor on the viewport, there will be four buttons.

Click "Preview" button, CamMask will pop up the independent preview window of this viewport. If you add some effect in it, you can drag them in preview window.

Click "Cut" button, this viewport will become cut to main viewport.

Click "Trans" button, this viewport will transit to main viewport with smooth effect.

Click "More" button, there will be a Video Source List, you can change the video source of this viewport, you can shut off this viewport by clicking "Clear" menu item, you can save this viewport to file by click "Save" menu item and load it with "Load" menu item.

At the bottom of "Viewport Manager" window are the "Transition" list and "Duration".

"Transition" list is used to provide the transition effects when the user click "Trans" button. CamMask Free Edition offers three kinds of transition effects, while there are 20 more effects when activate the Pro Edition.

"Duration" shows the duration of transition-effect time.