Using "Image Settings" Window

Image Settings Window

The upper part includes six sliders of BrightnessContrastHUERed/Green/Blue intensity, use them as combination to get the best image quality.

You can adjust the horizontal / vertical flipleft / right rotationgray scale screen.

Force Size function is use to set the resolution of the virtual Webcam by CamMask.
No Force Size (default) means no limitation. Under this mode, the actual resolution ratio is the same as the virtual Webcam resolution ratio needed by application. The CamMask will adjust the resolution ratio automatically in accordance with the application's need. (If there are several applications use virtual Webcam by CamMask, the application who send the first request will decide the resolution).
If you need a specific resolution ratio, you can chose one from the list. The supported video source resolution of CamMask is from 160x120 to 1920x1440.