Using the Desktop Screencast Panel of CamMask.

Click "Desktop" in Sources list, CamMask will show the Desktop Screencast Panel.

Video Source Panel(Desktop Screencast)

Desktop Panel is used to control the screen cast, which provides four modes.

  • Full Screen: this mode will output the webcam screen in full screen. It support multiple monitors, if you have several monitors, it will list them for you choice.
  • Around cursor: following the cursor, part of the desktop will become webcam output, which can make your audiences see your details of operation much more clearly.
  • Fixed Desktop Area: with this mode you could chose a desktop area as your webcam output picture.
  • Around Window: in this mode, the pop-up windows-finder dialog box will appear. There will be green mark to remind you which one has been chosen, then press Space key, confirm the option. Then the CamMask will use this window as the webcam output.
  • Zoom Shortcut Key, except the around cursor mode, in the other three modes, you can press the appointed shortcut key to temporarily switch the mode to around cursor mode at any time. It will let you display the details of operation to your audiences more clearly when it's necessary.
  • "Hide Mouse Cursor" is used to decide whether the cursor will appear in the screen.